Aqua-Phos Xtra 500ml


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Aqua-Phos Xtra 500ml - £27.49

A premium value phosphate removing media suitable for all aquaria

Aqua-PHOS® Xtra is an extra strong phosphate removing media that has been subjected to a special manufacturing process that creates a significantly larger active surface area with a much stronger affinity for phosphate than standard Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) medias.  The result is a remarkably powerful media that combines an exceptional capacity for absorbing phosphate (up to 80g per litre) with great pricing to deliver exceptional value for money compared to other brands.

The chart* below illustrates how much more it would cost to reduce phosphate if you were to use alternative brands...

... while the current market-leading brand would cost you almost three times more to achieve the same results. 

Aqua-PHOS® Xtra is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium use. 

Use up to 50ml of media per 100 litres of water volume in freshwater aquariums and double this in marine systems. The longer the contact time between the media and the water the more effectively it will work. We therefore recommend a VERY SLOW flow through the filter of no more than 10 litres per hour per litre of media for optimum performance.  Using a slow flow also reduces the risk of a too rapid reduction in phosphate levels which could stress livestock.

Monitor phosphate levels and replace the media once output from the filter no longer registers zero.  Aim to keep phosphate levels below 0.1ppm in freshwater systems and below 0.03ppm in marine setups.

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