Clarisea Fleece Filter SK10

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 SK10 ClariSea Fleece Filter



Replaces filter socks 

Simple installation - hangs on sump wall 

Automatic advance of fleece 

Removable sieve cassette 

Integrated Bypass function 

Integrated failsafe overflow 

Fully made in Acrylic 


Technical specifications: 

"Hang-On" mount adjustment: +/- 5cm (2") 

Nominal filtering capacity: up to 25 microns 

Max recommended flow rate: 1,875 lph (495 gph) 

Recommended Aquarium Size: up to 400 litres (105 gal) 

Inlet connection: 32mm (1 1/4") 

Footprint: 10cm x 13.5cm x 45cm (4" x 5.3" x 17.7") (w x d x h) 

Filter fleece: 10cm (4") width – length 25m (82ft) 

Note, the sweet spot for the unit to be submerged is 8cm under the water line,  see the dimension pic for more info

Detailed Description:
Automatic advancing fleece filtration is a seemingly simple filtering system for removing floating particles from the water column, but there are many things that can affect performance of the device. This makes it very difficult to state a flow rate for the Clarisea Filter.

For example, if we operate at SK15 with “clean” tap water (note this product is the SK10 so would be less flow), then we will find that it can pass around 6300 litres per hour before the water level starts to increase faster than the water can pass through the filter fleece. If we actually undertook running the Clarisea SK15 like this, what we would find is that what you think is clean water, actually does have particles in it and the Clarisea will start filtering them out straight away. This would result in the fleece advancing as these particles are caught and cause the water level inside the filter to increase and operate the float switch. However, after a very short time all particles will be removed from the water and then filter will operate with its water level at just below the float switch. 
The filter will comfortably continue to operate like this indefinitely without any advance of the fleece – this is because all particles have been removed from the water. In this situation, we can comfortably state the max flow rate of this filter is 6300 litres per hour (SK15 only). However, when connecting the filter to an aquarium, things change. As above, particles will very quickly be initially filtered out of the water column. But, particles are constantly being created in the aquarium and the rate of this creation of particles varies immensely from aquarium to aquarium – it can even depend on the species of fish that are kept as some fish produce more waste than others and also some fish are more prone to  disturbing the substrate, which again will cause particles to be suspended in the water column. Clearly, this can make a substantial difference to the rate of usage of filter fleece –the more particles, the quicker the fleece advances.
In addition, the flow rate through the filter will also make a difference – the higher the flow rate through the Clarisea filter, the more “sensitive” the filter is to the filter fleece becoming blocked by particles. Higher flow rates will cause greater amounts of fleece advance – i.e. the float switch is triggered more frequently with more flow as the water level in the Clarisea filter rises more quickly.
So, from the above it is clear that there are numerous factors that affect the “performance” of the Clarisea filter. All of these factors will have an effect on the rate of usage of the fleece!
When stating flow ratings, we have used 2 figures – the max flow rate and also a “nominal” rating. The max flow rating is the maximum flow rate that the filter can continuously pass clean water without the float switch being operated and the fleece advancing.
The nominal flow rate is a flow rate of 75% of the maximum flow rate. This flow rate is suitable for most installations without excessive fleece consumption.
If you find that you are experiencing a higher fleece consumption than you would like, then you may need to adjust the bypass of the Clarisea filter to decrease the flow rate through the filter. Please make small adjustments each time and monitor to achieve the fleece consumption that you are happy with. Please also check  your water supply to the Clarisea filter. We recommend, that water entering the Clarisea filter should be as bubble  free as possible.
When initially connecting Clarisea to your aquarium for the first time, the “rate” of fleece advance will be higher than a normal operating level. This is due to the filter removing particles from the water column that have previously not been filtered. This will usually decrease after several hours and after around 12 hours operation, the water is sufficiently filtered to allow a “normal” operation.
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