Reefloat Top Up Unit


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Reefloat Top Up Unit - £98.00

The ATU-PRO is as foolproof as you can purchase
Here are a few scenario's that have been reported on reef sites and what the ATU-PRO does if it happens.

  • The float physically jams because of a snail or similar
  • The float fails electrically
  • The float drops into the tank
  • The outlet comes adrift pumping water outside the tank
  • The reservoir runs dry (possible pump burn out}
  • The pump gets jammed

In every situation above the pump will shut down after a time period set by yourself with the options of 5, 10 or 20 seconds.
If you do not wish the pump to shut down after a preset time you have that option as well.

The ATU-PRO comes as a kit, although its pre-wired and ready to use the kit includes:

  • The programmable controller
  • The neo-float with magnetic mount (the need for a twin float doesnt apply as timer will shut down in a fail situation)
  • A low voltage pump with a height exceeding 4 metres along with piping
  • The power supply

All you need is to supply a suitable container to hold the RO water

Lets say something fails, what happens?
In a nutshell it shuts down! so the top-up is inoperative until you come along and reset it, indication that it has shut down is via the pump LED starts flashing.
Reset is a simple push of the button, if the cause of the fault is still present then it will go back into alarm state

BONUS - Anti-Wave - many are familiar with the pump switching on and off every time you stick your hands in the water, or the same things happens if you have that powerful wave maker powerhead.
This is addressed by a 3 second built in float delay activation, in other words the float has to be "LOW" for 3 seconds before the pump starts, as soon as the float reaches a "HIGH" position the pump stops immediately.

BONUS - Memory - that preset time you set up stays unless you reprogam, it is not lost on power failure!

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