TheReef® Chelated Iron 500ml


Product Code: TRIRON500

TheReef® Chelated Iron 500ml - £8.99

TheReef® Iron liquid supplement is made from pure chelated organic ferric salts which ensures the iron remains bio-available to marine organisms for an extended period.  Iron is important for photosynthesis and supplementation can be particularly beneficial for macro-algae and phytoplankton, while iron deficiency can also affect some coral colours - particularly greens.   

Iron provides aquarists with exceptional value for money compared to other brands, offering an unbeatable combination of performance for price.



As a general maintenance dose we would suggest adding 1ml of supplement per 100 litres of aquarium water daily.

Shake bottle before use then add required quantity of supplement to an area of aquarium or sump with high flow.  Do not mix with or use within 1 hour of other supplements. 

Note: If supplementing iron it is important to ensure phosphate levels are kept below 0.05ppm to prevent problem algae growth

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