UltraMarine Issue 48


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UltraMarine Issue 48 - £3.75

Inside this issue of UltraMarine Magazine:



  •     Review: AquaRay SmartControl from TMC – Richard Aspinall takes a good look at this brand new smart controller from TMC.


  •     For the Love of an Angel – Nathan Hill looks at Barry Cranwell’s latest system.


  •     Kissing Your Reef Goodbye – John Clipperton shows us how to go on holiday and come back to a healthy aquarium.


  •     An Introduction to Jellyfish – Alan Adler from Glass Ocean UK introduces us to jellyfish.


  •     Fish Diseases Part : Parasites in Marine Fish – Tristan Lougher looks at parasites of marine fish.


  •     Sea Urchins in the Marine Aquarium – James Fatherree gives us the low-down on why sea urchins are OK for fish aquariums but maybe not in reef tanks.


  •     Fishes in Focus: Bristletooth Tangs of the Genus Ctenochaetus – John Clipperton focuses on the bristletooths.

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