UltraMarine Issue 51


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 UltraMarine Issue 51 - £3.75

All the COOL Stuff Comes from the Tropics … or Does It? –Kenneth Wingerter marvels at some of the amazing animals that can be found in cooler seas and offers some thoughts on temperate aquaria.

  Review: the XStream Range from Sicce– Richard Aspinall looks at this range from Sicce.

Mark Angold’s 750 Litre System – Richard meets Mark Angold to learn more about this great mixed reef.

On the Two New Species of Giant Clam – Details of two new species of giant clam, with James Fatherree.

Getting Started Part 3: Water Part 2 – Movement, with Tristan Lougher.

Clearwater’s Ecosystem – the Reef Aquarium of Gary Wilkinson – John Clipperton visits Gary Wilkinson’s Reef Aquarium.


Fishes in Focus: Clownfish – John focuses on the clowns. Just don’t mention ‘Nemo’

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