Balling containers Quad set 2L


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Product Code: QUADBALL

Quad set of stackable 2L balling containers, space saving!


  • High quality Acrylic, 120mm diameter,  225mm tall (230mm including stacking spigot)
  • No joints!  run tubing in the tube guide to the base of the container,  this eliminates unnecessary joints and therefore problems with air ingress
  • Colour Coded and engraved 1 Mag, 2 Calc,  3A Alk, 3B Alk (colours may vary)
  • Stackable,  Containers can be stacked 2 x 2 or 1 x 4, or simply use each one individually 
  • Run empty ability thanks to small depression where the dosing tube is fed from,  this allows you to run your container down to the last 1ml of solution.

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