Hanging Double Plate Frag Rack 20 Hole


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Hanging Double Plate Frag Rack 20 Hole £23.99

Frag rack designed to hang from the top of your tank, not suitable for rimless tanks.  Comes as flat pack and easy to assemble.  The modular design makes this rack very flexible in terms of positioning and movement within the tank.

Two sets of grip clamps hold the rack firmly onto any horizontal surface up to 15mm thick. These clamps are designed only to stop slippage do not overtighten.

Flat easy clean surface does not attract algae growth.

Suitably spaced Frag plug holes for a wide range of Coral fragments.

20 holes of 12mm clearance diameter suitable for most frag plugs including all the plugs for sale here


  • Capacity of 20 Coral frags
  • Grips up to 15mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Modular system
  • Spanner included (do not overtighten)


  • 2 x 300mm wide plates 92mm deep
  • 2 x 300mm long supporting 12mm rods
  • 2 x gripping clamps
  • 8 x gripping collars 
  • 1 x spanner

Please note do not use to hold anything other than coral fragments and ensure the surface you fix the rack to is strong enough to support the rack and corals and potentially any forces from strong water circulation.

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