Oceamo regulator O


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With Oceamo Regulator, your reef aquarium is optimally supplied with inorganic trace elements (by regulator A) and organic nutrients and iodine (regulator O). - The alpha and omega of the extended reef supply!

​Together, Regulator A and Regulator O are a strong combination and the perfect complement to the Oceamo Reef Care System DUO.
 However, Regulator A + O is flexible and can therefore be used in combination with other systems such as the classical balling method or with calcium reactors.
Oceamo Regulator O 
:  22 Amino Acids
 :  12 Complex Carbon sources
 :  Short & Long chain carbohydrates
 :  Primary Iodine care
  Natural coral reefs have only low concentrations of nutrients available, but these are unlimited due to the large amounts of water.
 Organic small molecules are used by a variety of Reef organism and used for energy.
 Regulator O provides organic molecules such as amino acids and various carbon sources in close-to-nature concentration and proportions to the corals.
 This stimulates the metabolism and growth, which makes it easier to break down excess inorganic nutrients (phosphate and nitrate). At the same time, Oceamo Regulator O provides a modern nitrogen source in nutrient-poor basins to prevent nutrient limitation.
 Thus, the entire nutrient balance is optimally regulated. In addition, Regulator O also contains a supply of bio-available iodine.
 Of course, regulator O is also subject to the same scrupulous quality control.
 Add 1 x daily 0.5ml per 100 liter of aquarium volume in an area of high flow.
 Initially you can half dose and increase this slowly to the recommended level based on your coral stocking levels.
 Regulator A and O offers a complete nutrition, amino and trace element supplementation of everything else in a balanced and economical way. 
Along with ICP testing, calcium reactor users finally have a real complete supplement system.
For best results, Regulator A should be combined with Regulator O. 
available in 250ml and 1000 ml sizes